My winemaking boots are at rest










The frenetic pace has slowed down. I brought the girls home and my pink boots have been retired for the time being. We were too spread out, with a couple of wines on one end of town and several others in the next pueblo down the way. I was getting pretty road weary with all the running back and forth, having joined the ranks of weary winemakers all over the valley. However, after all my wines had gone to press and some were ready for the barrel …. Well, it just seemed sensible to have them all in one place. Someday I’ll have my own little winemaking bodega and a cellar for storing barrels. But for now I’ve renamed my house “Casa mi Cava”. The wine, mama winemaker, the pink boots, and even the dogs are all resting. Whew.

Even the doggies are pooped out!

So I’ve got my little flock here. My happy-go-lucky Grenache and my piquant Mourvédre, are both in barrels. I’m waiting for a new barrel to arrive any day from the States for my noble lady-wine, the Syrah. The Vin Nouveau (Barbera) is freshly pressed and is resting in her crayon blue tambo. She won’t be aged in a barrel. She’s my eccentric girl, a little on the bohemian side of wine so I’m just letting her settle down for awhile before deciding when she’s ready to be bottled. Our voluptuous Cabernet is still at the escuelita. Not sure where she’s going yet ….

The Vin Nouveau is my odd girl









I’ve been catching most of my food on the run and now know where to chow down on scrumptious 15 peso tacos and where to get my spicy tamale hit. So I have to reintroduce myself to the kitchen. We’ve been estranged these last weeks. A little auto and household TLC is also in order and speaking of TLC, I’m ready for my spa day now!!!! Hello pedicure and deep tissue massage! Hell yeah.

Happiness is a full wine barrel 🙂

But you know, even though it was stressful and challenging, even though it was a little overwhelming and super labor intensive, I miss it already! I almost feel a little post-partum blues …. I woke up this morning thinking, wow, I don’t have to hit the pavement running. What am I going to do today? Clean, contemplate, cook, take a nap, knock on wood …. So far so good. No complaints here!

A big Thumbs Up to Juan Carlos Pacheco who took a day with his pick-up truck to help me haul my girls home.

Mission accomplished, thanks to JC’s help!

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