Those Perez girls are trouble!

People say we look like sisters. Gracias. We’re more like the Gilmore Girls with more swearing, drinking and tattoos.

This mother/daughter duo is all about making our own rules. No glass ceiling here. Mom (Sitara) makes small batch internationally award winning boutique wines, creates dangerously easy to drink craft cocktails with fresh ingredients, manages our wholesale accounts and books all of our live acts and vendors. Her daughter Ava (like lava) is elevating vegan cuisine in her outdoor bistro style kitchen El Jardidn with garden to table creations that are blowing people’s minds as well as managing our wine bar El Corcho Rosa, website and money things.

Sitara’s the tiny one with the pixie cut and with the wine bottle tattooed around her ring finger you just want to pick up and put in your pocket and Ava’s the singing blonde with all the tattoos and the are- those-real eyelashes who’s probably smoking an American Spirit right now. Don’t feel bad if it takes you a minute to tell them apart 😉 Perez girls are trouble after all 😂 😂 Also, the eyelashes are real…

#motherdaughtertwinning #minime

We’ve had a few makeovers since we started making wine in 2012 in a two bedroom rental in Porvenir including changing locations and even changing our name 😮

As we continue to grow we continue to challenge ourselves, expand our catalogue, update our space and redefine our intentions.

We are proud to be heading up a woman run winery and restaurant in Baja empowering because women get shit done

#womengetshitdone #womenempoweringwomen

We are blessed to have a badass babe like Kate (the brunette) who genuinely cares about everything you’re saying #badassbabes

Our award winning wines, garden to table restaurant and casual atmosphere will engage your senses, spark your imagination and awaken your creativity making you feel at home. We are happy to get real technical if you want but at the end of the day it’s just grapes. Wine is for everyone and our award winning wines are friendly and approachable you don’t need to be a Sommelier to enjoy.

Things to about Valle Girl Vino and the whole El Corcho Rosa team…

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