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    Winemaker hands ….   Michael and I selling Valley Girl Wine’s wares at a Día de Los Muertos event in Viñas de La Erre. Saludos!   So lucky to have my beautiful daughter and Michael here Great Grapes = Happy Winemaker. Me at one of my favorite vineyards Read more…

Grape Expectations

  Here’s the beginning of a blog I began to write (rather optimistically) in September at the peak of this year’s winemaking mania: “My house is filthy. My eyes are bleary. My back is achy and my hands are black. Is this a pathetic attempt at a limerick? Noooooo! It’s Read more…

Life in the (lovely, wine-drenched) Trenches


New wines and IN WINE WE LUST merchandise available soon!

Dear Readers and devoted friends of Bacchus, please forgive my absence. My last entry recounted the bottling of my first wines and the thrill of my hard won accomplishment. The following months have been a whirlwind involving single-minded efforts to get my wine into stores, restaurants and ultimately into the wine glasses of wine lovers here, there and everywhere!


The Fruits of My Labor

“Wine is a union between man and nature, of man within nature.” José Luís Durand

Bottling day was upon me. I’d made my final blends a few weeks earlier and the wine tasted great. I was ecstatic. I sent samples to the lab and the results indicated all were within perfect, healthy ranges. A week later I clarified the three barrels of blended wine with egg white. Two days before bottling I added sulfites according to a formula that is determined by the pH of the finished wine. I borrowed two siphons and a corker, set up a barrel washing area out back and lined up my Dream Team.

my bottling day buddies

Yup, you guessed it, my Dream Team first arrivals


Sleepless in Wine-landia

A good and wise friend of mine told me a few days ago that “being self employed means thinking while others sleep.” He couldn’t have put it better and I’ve lost a few nights sleep lately trying to wrap my head around the wine bottling conundrum.  Yes, it is that time. It’s wine-o’clock: Time to Bottle!

In the wine room with my newly purchased bottles and corks

In the wine room with my newly purchased bottles and corks