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On this page you’ll find all of our tasting options including the option to build your own tasting. You’ll also find tasting notes and prices for the three white wines we currently have available for tastings, by the glass or by the bottle

All our white wines are under the label La Chula which literally means “pretty girl” and here in Mexico we use it like we use “hey girlfriend” in The States. So, here at El Corcho Rosa we like to take the opportunity to raise a glass to all our chulas at the table and badass babes everywhere… come taste the magic

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On this page of our Wine List you’ll find some tasting notes and prices for our Provence style rosé as well as all three reds we serve as a tasting, glass or bottle and information about our Special Reserve 2017 Syrah… 100%

Did you know every year winemaker Sitara Perez handpicks the best grapes of the season to make just one barrel of her Special Reserve? Grapes are tenderly hand crushed and lightly pressed before spending 24 months in American puncheon oak barrels. Every vintage is a little bit different just like we are… come taste the magic

Saturdays at El Corcho Rosa

Saturdays at El Corcho Rosa were proud to have Chefs Greg and Clara of El Bocadillo cooking up Baja Italian style thin crispy personal pizzas and bruschettas in a custom built wood-fire pizza oven as well as other small bites. Come check them out every Saturday from 12pm-5pm… come taste the magic

Carnivore Pizza

Saturdays with El Bocadillo

Wood fire cooked Carnivore Pizza with pepperoni, bacon, Italian sausage and mozzarella over house made red sauce over a thin crispy crust topped with fresh jalapeños for a little extra kick

None of our pizzas come with jalapeños though we usually have them on hand so if you want to bump your pizza up a notch ask your server to add jalapeños to your pizza today… come taste the magic

Wood Fire Cooked Bruschetta Saturdays with El Bocadillo

Fire cooked fresh sourdough topped with bacon and avocado or cherry tomatoes and mozzarella

Our favorite way to order Bruschetta is 1/2 and 1/2 so we get to all all the good things or stack them together to make an awesome sandwich… come taste the magic

Garden Salad

Saturdays with El Bocadillo

Mixed spring greens, sliced almonds, cherry tomatoes and fresh raspberries drizzled with rich blackberry infused aged balsamic… come taste the magic GF/Vegan

El Jardín Sundays at El Corcho Rosa

Sundays we’re proud to feature Chef Perez (the tattooed blonde) and her cook-in-training Perla of El Jardín featuring a 100% vegan and gluten free menu using local farm to table ingredients with the option to “pimp my plate” for all our carnivores out there.

Chef Perez is inspired by a mostly plant based diet with the simple belief that what we eat should nourish our bodies and elevate our spirits. Check them out every Sunday from 12pm-5pm… come taste the magic #healthyisdelicious #foodislove #letmefeedyou #eatmoreplants

One Love Salad

Sundays with El Jardín

Hydroponic mixed greens, shaved carrots, yellow bell pepper, strawberries, blueberries, sliced almonds, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, tri-color baby roasted potatoes, sprouts, basil and mint chiffonade, Herbs de Provence and whatever else feels good tossed in pomegranate vinaigrette. Every time I make this salad it’s a little bit different and if you see me walking through the dining room eyeing your table before I prepare your food, I’m just getting a feel for what your body needs… come taste the magic GF/Vegan

“Pimp my dish” for only $31 pesos more to bring this heavenly salad back down to earth and pimp it out with all the animal things… and whatever else feels good

Sharing Plate

Sundays with El Jardín

Always a little different we feature the best off all our small bites on one plate like Sweet Potato Canapes topped with avocado tartare, vegan feta and house pickled purple cabbage with rose petals, Mushroom Confit with 3 kinds of mushrooms cooked in Valle Girl Olive Oil with garlic and herbs de provence, Asparagus & Strawberry Salad with fresh mint and chili flakes drizzled with black truffle oil, Fresh Fruit drizzled with Szechuan agave syrup and Spinach Pinwheels stuffed with hummus, sun-dried tomato pesto, pickled jalapeños and fresh veggies drizzled with pomegranate vinaigrette and vegan dragon sauce GF/Vegan

“Pimp my dish” for only $62 pesos more to get this delectable steroided up with all the meats, cheeses and whatever else inspires

Black Bean Fettuccine

Sundays with El Jardín

Black bean fettuccine cooked al dente tossed with Valle Girl Olive Oil, garlic, fresh cherry tomatoes, basil chiffonade, vegan parmesan and Himalayan pink salt. This is one of my all time favorite pasta dishes that for me shows simple can be mind blowing with the right ingredients… come taste the magic GF/Vegan

“Pimp my dish” for only $31 pesos more to get this refreshing spring pasta dish topped with crispy bacon, spicy shredded chicken and I’m going to swap out the vegan parm for the real stuff: full fat parmesan, romano and a locally made delicately wood smoked manchego

Chocolate Chipotle Cake with Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Sundays with El Jardín

Chocolate chipotle mini cake with a hint of smokey chipotle spice topped with vegan peanut butter ice cream. I was craving a peanut butter cup but like healthy and more of a cake with a little kick… come taste the magic GF / Vegan

“Pimp my dish” for only $49 pesos more to get this mouthwatering dessert elevated to a whole new level…