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  • 2017 Vintages , Premium & Limited Vintages

    La Atrevida SyrahLover 2017

    I’m more Grace Kelly than Cardi B which doesn’t mean I won’t take out my hoops and mess someone up if I have to, you know, I’d just rather have a civilized conversation. No matter how much we may disagree we’re bound to find common ground if we keep looking ?  I feel most at home on the west bank …

  • 2019 Vintages , Red

    La Rebelde RebelliousGirl 2019

    Omg I hate writing about myself ???  jk  ??  I’m young, rebellious, tenacious and determined to leave my mark even if I don’t quite know what that mark will be yet… My friends would describe me as friendly, easy going and adaptable. I can shine in any situation but I don’t have to be the star. I’m also a bit …