Tattooed Lady RockabillyGirl 2015


I’m a blue-collar, free spirited, adventurous, OG “bad girl” and I love using my creativity and ingenuity to create something with my hands. Every summer I read The Outsiders, Wanda Jackson is my spirit animal, Johnny B. Goode was on the radio when I had my first kiss, and growing up I had the biggest crush on Johnny Depp in CryBaby.

I’m a girly-girl with dangerous sex appeal, kitten heels, and a straight razor in my brassiere who also knows how to grill the perfect steak. I like my coffee dark, my chocolate bittersweet with a hint of chipotle, the nostalgia of pipe tobacco mixed with worn saddle leather, the smell of the forest floor right after the rain, and velvety blackberries by the handful.

Tight jeans, white t-shirt, tattoos, and the sound of a souped up V8 engine always gets my attention. What revs your motor?

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 The Tattooed Lady RockabillyGirl 2015 (La Dama Tatuada)

Cabernet Sauvignon touch of Syrah & Grenache / Baja California, Mexico

The Wine: Everyone loves a well-crafted Cabernet Sauvignon and we are no exception.

Our grapes were hand harvested from a beautiful 40 year old vineyard tucked up against a hillside in Valle de la Grulla, an hour south of Ensenada. Many friends joined us during crush to lend their muscle and good humor in the processing of these grapes. After aging 18 months in second-use French and American oak barrels we blended in a small percentage of Syrah and Grenache to highlight the rich aromas and dark fruit that we so admire in this wine.

Valle Girl Vino: Winemaker Sitara Perez loves body art and so do many of her family members, friends and fans. The Rockabilly pinup on this label is an actual tattoo on the arm of a friend who got the ink in Ensenada. When Sitara saw her friend’s new tattoo she knew it had to go on a wine label. Blow up the pinup and you will see she has some of Sitara’s ink and some of her friend’s.

Blush: Blood red, ochre, snapdragons

Bouquet: Earthy forest floor balanced with black currant, bittersweet chocolate, cigar box , saddle leather, nostalgia, clove

Character: Mouth filling and velvety. Look for forest berries and roasted coffee as well as bittersweet chocolate and a hint of chipotle spice

Pairing Suggestions: Blue cheese bacon burger, Moroccan lamb tagine, kitten heels, braised beef cheek, Wednesdays, blackened swordfish tacos, tattoos, chilaquiles, Imelda May, movie night

Extras: This full bodied wine has no residual sugar, vegetarian and keto friendly. Egg whites were used to fine this wine. The sulfites in this wine are 75% less than an average commercially produced red wine. This wine is GMO free and Gluten Free.

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