La Chula NotYourAverageJane 2018


Don’t judge a book by its cover. Everyone thinks I’m this saccharine sweet goody-two-shoes. BLONDE. Everyone expects me to be one thing, thinks they have me all figured out before they’ve even met me and I like to keep them guessing. Let me surprise you and you might just find I’m usually the life of the party (wink!). I can intoxicate with my fruit forward perfume, bewitch, and keep you on your toes. Mostly I’m easy-going, love anything with a little kick, and always leave you wanting more.

I live for moments you can’t put into words and few things transcend a great glass of wine and someone to share it with. On the weekends you’ll usually find me at a friends’ drinking wine and adding a little spice to our brunch spread or shaking my milkshake. What can I say? I’m a versatile girl who loves my Sundays. #MoveOverMimosas, brunch just got fun again, so save me a seat this Sunday!

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2018 La Chula NotYourAverageJane (TheGirlfriend)

Moscato di Canneli / Baja California, México

The Wine: This wildly aromatic and complex dry Moscato is fresh and versatile with a sumptuous bouquet. The fruit was hand-harvested from a small vineyard in the nearby valley of Ojos Negros and fermented to dryness in stainless steel. Our bewitching white blend demonstrates a luxurious texture and playful fruit that will sweep you off your feet.

Valle Girl Vino: Winemaker Sitara Perez creates various white wines under the label La Chula to honor all of our female friends. Some are sweet and some are sassy but all are beautiful in their own way. And we can never have too many!

Blush: Pale straw, blonde, pineapple

Bouquet: Perfumed jasmine, lychee, honeydew melon

Character: Complex, aromatic and lively flavors blossom in this fresh food-friendly wine. Look for honeydew melon, candied citrus peel, pineapple, white nectarine, pear, avocado

Pairing Suggestions: Thai green curry, spicy Saag Paneer, fresh pasta with sage butter and shaved truffles, weekends, baked Brie with apricots, shaking your milkshake, Sunday brunch, creamy vanilla bean and lavender Panna cotta, karaoke

Extras: This low alcohol wine is vegan. No animal products were used in the production of this wine. The sulfites in this wine are 75% less than an average commercially produced white wine. The grapes for this wine came from an organically grown vineyard. This wine has no residual sugar, keto friendly, GMO free and Gluten Free.

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