La Traviesa DelicateCherry Rosé 2018


I’m all about balance, taking my time, and really giving my full attention to whatever I’m doing. I can be a little quiet maybe even something of a wallflower but with a little patience I really start to bloom. My friends say I’m subtle and graceful so I always joke WWGKD (what would Grace Kelly do?). Sometimes you just gotta channel your inner princess. I may be Coco Channel on the surface but don’t be fooled I’m 100% Cindi Lauper underneath.

I’m new to the area and looking to meet some nice people who enjoy smelling the roses as much as the stroll. Let’s pack a picnic and go berry picking! My mouth’s watering for some fresh picked salmonberries or strawberries and I make a mean crab and goat cheese taquito. See you this Saturday around noon at El Salto? I’ll be wearing the salmon-pink hoodie with a strand of pearls.

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Check out our La Traviesa DelicateCherry Rosé 2018 playlist for free on Spotify for the best songs to pair with our Provence style rosé

La Traviesa DelicateCherry Rosé 2018 (The Mischievous Girl)

Provence style rosé of Grenache / Guadalupe Valley, Baja California, México

The Wine: The grapes for our Provence style rosé come from a The grapes for this wine came from a beautiful, historic 40-year-old vineyard that was originally planted by Russian settlers who came to the Valle de Guadalupe decades ago. This light, fruity wine was handled with tender loving care to produce a seductive and vibrant rosé that will keep you coming back for more.

Valle Girl Vino: Winemaker Sitara Perez is one of three sisters in her family. She was inspired to create individual wines that represent some of the characteristics she and her sisters share. Her wish is you will recognize yourself, your girls, and celebrate all the badass babes in your life with each sip. Try all three before deciding which one you relate to best 😉

Blush: Pale salmon pink, blush

Bouquet: White cherry and wild roses

Character: Fresh, fun and flirty!. Mouthwatering balance, delicate fruit notes that whisper sweet nothings. Look for wild salmonberry, white nectarine, balanced acidity and a touch of minerality

Pairing Suggestions: Fresh Corn Galette with zucchini and Thyme, crab and goat cheese taquitos, Cindi Lauper, quattro formaggi white pizza, dreamy solo contemplation, raw zucchini pasta with mint pesto, rowdy parties, friends

Extras: This low alcohol wine is vegan. No animal products were used in the production of this wine. The sulfites in this wine are 75% less than an average commercially produced rosé wine. This wine has zero residual sugar, keto friendly, GMO free and Gluten Free.

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