La Atrevida SyrahLover 2017


I’m more Grace Kelly than Cardi B which doesn’t mean I won’t take out my hoops and mess someone up if I have to, you know, I’d just rather have a civilized conversation. No matter how much we may disagree we’re bound to find common ground if we keep looking ?  I feel most at home on the west bank of the Rhone and have always kind of dreamed of being shipwrecked on a tropical island in a warm climate…

I’m rich with stories, complex enough to keep you on your toes and I get better and better with age though I haven’t begun to show my years (humor a girl ? ). Let’s grab a bite! I’m quite versatile and can easily go from Korean street food to seared halibut in a blackberry beurre blanc topped with escargot… I’m starting to get hungry…


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La Atrevida SyrahLover 2017

100% hand-harvest Syrah Special Reserve with 24 months in American oak puncheon barrels

Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, México

The Wine: Every year winemaker Sitara Perez makes one barrel of our Special Reserve with the best fruit of the season. Grapes are tenderly hand crushed and lightly pressed before spending 24 months in American puncheon barrels. Every vintage is a little bit different just like we are… come taste the magic…

Valle Girl Vino: Winemaker Sitara Perez locally known as “Baja Valley Girl” at El Corcho Rosa has a story behind each one of her wines. La Atrevida is our bold girl and celebration of bold women around the world who inspire us. She is confident, structured, elegant and just the sort of girl we want on our team.

Blush: Maroon, garnet, velvet, no responsibilities

Bouquet: Blackberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries, elderberries, huckleberries, cloudberry, gooseberry and bittersweet chocolate

Character: Balanced, clean, seductive and smooth with a long and persistent finish like an ultimate kiss Look for blackberry, black cherry, fig, black olive, cassis, sweet tobacco and bittersweet chocolate with a hint of chipotle.

Pairing Suggestions: Spicy grilled quail, chili colorado, Baba Ghanoush with blue corn tortilla chips, grilled oyster mushrooms in port sauce, late afternoons in front of the fire, mushroom confit,  foot massages, butternut squash grilled short ribs with tangy bbq sauce, someone else doing the dishes, porterhouse topped with escargot, Cioppino, rabbit cassoulet

Extras: This bold, balanced and well integrated wine is vegan. No animal products were used in the production of this wine. The sulfites in this wine are 75% less than an average commercially produced red wine. This wine has no residual sugar, keto friendly, GMO free and Gluten Free.

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