La Chula Chameleon 2019


I’m a bit of a chameleon. I start out a little withdrawn. I want to feel you out a little before I reveal all my secrets and if you give me time I really bloom. Nobody would ever call me the belle of the ball and I get along with everyone. I could probably spend all day at the beach lounging in the sun, soaking up some vitamin D and nibbling on a little ceviche with blue corn tortilla chips. Just because I’m up for anything doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want (good wine, good conversation, good eats). I’ve been dying to try out this new linguini recipe with clams and corvina in a white wine butter sauce since my last drive up the coast but I don’t have anyone to cook for… My friends would describe me as a little Carrie Underwood and a little Buffy Summers. Do you know how to keep a chameleon’s attention?


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La Chula Chameleon 2019

Chardonnay / San Vicente Baja California, México

The Wine: Our hand harvested Chardonnay was picked at dawn on a warm August morning in 2019 and fermented in stainless steel to preserve the freshness and typicity of the varietal. She did not go through malolactic fermentation and spent no time in barrel.

Valle Girl Vino: Winemaker Sitara Perez creates several labels that celebrate our girlfriends and badass babes everywhere. Some are more delicate and sweet and some are more bold and edgy. All are beautiful and unique just like each of us. Which one are you? #whatwineamI

Blush: Pale apricot, canary, Tuscan sun

Bouquet: Meyer lemon, grapefruit, pith and wild tarragon

Character: This wine is a bit of a chameleon, she’s almost like two wines in one. She starts off almost like a Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc when she’s a bit chilled with notes of Meyer lemon, grapefruit, pith, and wild tarragon then as she starts to warm up you get that baked French apple tart, green apple and Japanese poached pears notes we so associate with Chardonnay.

Pairing Suggestions: An epic One Love Salad at El Jardín, Smoked salmon ravioli in Beurre Blanc, El Jardín’s Sharing Plate, grilled swordfish with capers and cherry tomatoes, date night, Dungeness crab, Bebe Rexha, brunch, mani-pedis with the girls

Extras: This easy wine is vegan. No animal products were used in the production of this wine. The sulfites in this wine are 75% less than an average commercially produced white wine. This wine has no residual sugar, keto friendly, GMO free and Gluten Free.

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