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Omg I hate writing about myself ???  jk  ??  I’m young, rebellious, tenacious and determined to leave my mark even if I don’t quite know what that mark will be yet… My friends would describe me as friendly, easy going and adaptable. I can shine in any situation but I don’t have to be the star. I’m also a bit bold tempered and shy at the same time which can make me come off a little standoffish at first. I promise if you give me time to warm up and relax a little you won’t be able to shut me up!  ???  I’m Valle born and raised, no I can’t lasso a cow but I could embarrass myself trying! Maybe there’s a mechanical bull in Ensenada?!? Maybe they also have karaoke? And nachos? Omg! Are we already best friends?

As you can tell I’m super serious and when we’re not having nacho karaoke with a mechanical bull (yes, I’m 100% percent serious about that) we can get a little sand on our boots because even this kid knows the value of a garden of one’s own. So, let’s grab a bowl of cherries and see what we can grow together…


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La Rebelde RebelliousGirl 2019

100% Cabernet Sauvignon with zero time in barrels

Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, México

The Wine: Usually new world Cabernet Sauvignons need some time in barrel to smooth out the rough edges but not this girl! When winemaker Sitara Perez and her Sommelier daughter Ava “like lava” Perez sampled this wine from the tank we were fully expecting to put it in barrels and were so surprised at how well it was drinking. We looked at each other and were like yep, we bottle this immediately. We’re so pleased to share this pure expression of the Cabernet Sauvignon varietal and the terroir where it matured. We think it tastes like a handful of fresh black cherries straight from the tree

Valle Girl Vino: When winemaker Sitara Perez locally known as “Baja Valley Girl” at El Corcho Rosa decided to bottle this special wine she knew it needed a special label. We decided on an image of Adele Perez who was only 13 when she ran away from home to be a soldier in the Mexican Revolution and was leading a garrison of over a thousand men by the time she was 18. Young, pure, intrepid and determined this badass babe has our respect and is an important part of our history. Raise your glass! #badassbabes

Blush: Blackberries, violets, relaxing after a long day

Bouquet: Black cherries

Character: Fresh, young, and easy drinking this girl gets a long with everyone with her easy tannins and full fruit mouthfeel. Look for black cherries, dried cherries, blackberries & dried hibiscus flowers

Pairing Suggestions: Falafel in pillowy bread drizzled with spicy peanut sauce, peanut butter sandwich with raspberry jam, raw asparagus salad, mac and cheese, carnitas, watermelon ceviche lettuce cups

Extras: This young easy drinking wine is vegan. No animal products were used in the production of this wine. The sulfites in this wine are 75% less than an average commercially produced red wine. This wine has no residual sugar, keto friendly, GMO free and Gluten Free.

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