Meet the Valle Girl Vino/El Corcho Rosa team

Sitara Perez


Born in The Land of the Midnight Sun into a family of entertainers I learned to dance before I could walk. Surrounded by glaciers that scraped the sky, crystal blue waters and the occasional bear my stage was set for an epic story. Summers blossomed under perpetual crepescule on my grandfather’s homestead in Soldotna bathing in the light of an endless shower of stars, skipping stones and fishing salmon in the Kenai while the adults sipped the apple wine my grandfather made in his bathtub. I’ve hopped frieght trains, hitchhiked with blues legends, smuggled exotic reptiles, lived with head hunters, entertained an exiled count and built a women led winery from a dream and a lot of elbow grease in my paternal family’s native country. Some other things happened too…(like this one time in a bar with Timothy Leary in northern California and you’ll never guess how I got this scar 😉 ) So, here’s #32 on my list for loving wine: Sometimes wine is intimidating like learning Korean but at the end of the day if you’re getting it in your mouth and you like it, you’re doing it right. Everything else is details.

Ava (like lava) Carolina Perez


Born a fully grown woman with a cigarette in one hand and a tumbler of whiskey in the other, my first words were, “What kind of oak was this aged in?” I grew up having wild adventures with swashbuckling pirates, escaped convicts and shamans hitchhiking and time traveling through the universe. I’ve sang for my supper, cooked for royalty, drank wine with monks from thousand year old vines and was even the runner up in a drag beauty contest. You can read all about it in my tell-all autobiography A Choose Your Own Adventure for only $19.95 but first let me tell you about this wine that’s gonna spark your imagination and engage your senses. This wine is a bit of a chameleon. She starts off with notes of wild tarragon, pink grapefruit and pith then as she warms up she reveals notes of warmed french apple tart and Japanese poached pears. Who am I?

#whoamI #winefacts #basedonreallife

Kate Reifers


Raised amoung miles of pages bursting with stories in my parents bookstore I developed a hunger for books devouring them at an addict’s pace. With words I could transform my world from the everyday to the extraordinary until I was old enough to seek out adventures of my own. From the eternal sunshine of San Diego to Cuban street food to tango dancing in Argentina until I met the love of my life here at El Corcho Rosa at that table right over there. Let’s see… in a life or death writing situation you definitely want me on your team, I love mystery novels (I’m even writing one eek!) so feel free to bring me any mystery novels you’re done with 😂 😂 Maybe you’ve heard my husband and I are rescuing every stray in Baja or maybe it just feels that way sometimes like when we’re fostering three packs of puppies that we have to keep separate from our normal packs… Soooo, how many puppies can we send you home with today? I hate talking about myself so tell me everything. Let me be your librarian immortalizing your mythology in carefully chosen verse. Have I introduced you to my best friend La Rebelde? She pairs with all my moods. Joined El Corcho Rosa in 2019

Perla Medina


Introducing the newest member of our team and we’re so pleased to have another badass babe join us at our women led winery. Smart, quick, determined, tenacious, creative and brave this young lady is just starting her story.

Joined El Corcho Rosa in 2021

Adrian “Anchi” Lopez


We’ve watched this kid grow up into a kind generous young man we know we can count on.

Joined El Corcho Rosa in 2015