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Those Perez Girls Are Trouble

Some people think we look like sisters. Gracias.

We’re a mother daughter duo like the Gilmore Girls but with more drinking, swearing, and tattoos. Making wine since 2012 and kicking butt for longer.

People have been telling us “No” our whole lives. No, you can’t say that, No, you can’t wear that, No, you can’t do that. Our response to that is Yeah, watch me. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in this idea that it’s a man’s world or we have to play by men’s rules but it’s not and the only rules we have to play by are our own. Haters be warned.

Wine has this reputation for being stuffy but you don’t need a PhD in being condescending to enjoy it. It’s for all of us. Wine is water for the people. If you wanna talk about the science of wine we’ll talk your ear off #forscience and get our nerd on! But at the end of the day it’s just grapes. All you have to do is get it in your mouth and decide if you like it. Everything else is details.

Sitara Monica Perez

Sitara Monica Perez

CEO/Founder/Winemaker/Sommelier/Badass Babe/Mom

Ava (like lava) Carolina Perez

Ava (like lava) Carolina Perez

President/Sommelier/Content Creator/Fixer/Badass Babe/Daughter

When mom told me was going to start making wine in Mexico I was like, “Whatever Crazy, they don’t make wine in Mexico!” (eyeroll emoji) Ok, in my defense, I’ve been a Somm since like before it was cool and figured someone would have mentioned it. Cut to: Humble Pie, table of one. Mind blown. More Mexican wine please!

Si & Emilee Fisher

Si & Emilee Fisher

US Sales & Business Development/Assistant Winemaker/Son & Daughter-In-Law

Come Tour the Beautiful Valle De Guadalupe!

Valle Girl Vino Blog

La Dama Tatuada Release Party (New Vintage!)

Join us at El Corcho Rosa to celebrate our upcoming harvest, the release of a new wine, and badass body art! Visit in comfort and strut your stuff in our shaded, open-air tasting garden surrounded by our cooling misting system.

Valle Girl Vino

Dear Friends, we are proud and excited to announce the evolution of our brand of wines. I started Valley Girl Wines back in 2012 with a burlesque style logo which we affectionately referred to as Read more…

Decisions, decisions …

My wine consultant/oenologist, Sergio and I do not always see eye-to-eye. He’s amazing, don’t get me wrong. He’s a young, dynamic winemaker from Mendoza, Argentina and I’m fortunate to have him on my team. He’s Read more…

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